It’s about people, not just guidelines.

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Ab11y’s Story

Our founders have decades of experience looking after accessibility for some of the biggest digital brands in the world. So we know first hand the fundamental challenges for any organisation that wants to deliver accessibility in a meaningful, scalable, and sustainable way.

Ab11y came together through a common commitment to digital accessibility and inclusion. As a company we focus on uncovering untapped accessibility opportunities and revealing their operational efficiency. We can enable you and your organisation to benefit from richer audience data, improved audience insight, to be more successful in your ambition to be an inclusive employer, and to manage accessibility in more scalable and sustainable ways.

How We See Things

Too often organisations consider accessibility through the wrong lens. Don’t stop at compliance and guidelines, find and embrace the opportunities. We can help you make your accessibility programme not just effective, but also a self-sustaining and positive driver of growth.

How do you measure success in accessibility? It’s more than just rules and checklists.

Let’s talk about how to...

  • Increase audience reach and share
  • Enable engagement for those experiencing situational disability
  • Deliver rich image and AV metadata
  • Increase search engine optimisation by making your content more machine-readable
  • Improve the robustness of digital products
  • Promote the ethos of your brand
  • Allow inclusive organisations to confidently employ disabled and neurodivergent staff, accessing the benefits a more diverse workforce brings to corporate culture

What We Do

We build and deliver tools to complement and improve your existing UX design, marketing, accessibility, testing, procurement, and technical frameworks.

In turn, we empower...

  • Clients to get more value from their marketing, usability, and design research programmes through richer data and greater insight into their audiences
  • Equal opportunities employers to be truly digitally inclusive
  • Section 508 (US) evaluations to be more successful
  • Accessibility and research agencies to enrich and expand the services they have to offer
  • Accessibility Managers to be more successful in delivering across their entire organisation’s digital estate